Module 4: Why Writing is so Important

Welcome to the start of the online tender training. Throughout, I’ll cover all aspects of the tender process. You’ll be provided with the tools and resources to help your tender writing, as well as examples of common tender questions.

This fourth module is all about the importance of writing.

Like most things, the more time spent on getting the words right, the better outcomes you’ll have. The same is true for writing winning tenders.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module you will understand:

  • Basics of Writing, your response is a reflection of your business and its professionalism.
  • It is all about the client, focus should be on the client, and the benefits they’ll get from working with you.
  • Writing, understand key writing techniques to help the readability of your response.
  • Style, having a style guide, standard terminology and specific terminology for the client is important. The style guide provides your business with consistency across your communications.

Additional Resources

The following resources are available to give you a head start on your tendering journey:

It’s time to get started.