Module 6: Submitting your Tender

Ok, so we are nearly at the end of the tender journey. However, this step can be the most nerve racking. All your time and hard-work, comes down to this, are you ready to submit your tender.

We finish this training with Preparing or Submission.

Like most things, the more time spent on planning, the better outcomes you’ll have. The same is true for writing winning tenders.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module you will understand:

  • Preparing for submission, tools, tips and strategies for ensuring your tender response is submitted on time for either an online or hardcopy submission
  • Design and Production, ideas for designing and presenting your tender to wow your clients.
  • Submission and Delivery, how to make sure your delivery is on time and compliant each and every time.
  • You’ll also have completed your Tender Submission Checklist, to ensure all the required elements of your tender, are ready to be submitted.

Additional Resources

The following resource is available to give you a head start on your tendering journey:

It’s time to get started and finished at the same time.