Lesson 10: Environment and Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a huge topic in today’s day and age. And, it’s great to see so many private organisations and the government pledging their commitment to helping protect our beautiful environment. The thing is, you don’t need to have a big company to embrace the environment and sustainability. Even small to medium-sized businesses can adopt simple sustainability practices.  

Responding to Questions About Environmental Sustainability  

When answering questions about environmental sustainability, don’t stress too much about your response. Just think about simple ways to reduce your energy consumption in your daily operations. 

Tender Tip

It doesn’t matter if you are an office-based small business or a large company. It’s important you think about your environmental policies and procedures.  

Everything counts – from recycling to cutting back on energy consumption!  

Are You Committed to Environmental Sustainability?  

Have a think: what do you do in your business that shows your commitment to environmental sustainability? Thinking about this is part of the planning process and your bid strategy. If your business relies heavily on environmental resources, you’ll need to begin implementing sustainable practices to reduce your impact and continue attracting your customers. 

Think about your product: 

  • If your product uses large amount of water, then you’ll need to implement water conservation strategies 
  • If you use vehicles in your products or services, perhaps look at an eco-friendly car fleet   
  • For manufacturing organisations, you may include procedures for environmentally sound disposal of waste products. 


Use Environmental Policy template provided to customise to your business and your brand. (Available from the Module 5 downloads lesson.) 

List how your business minimises the impact on our environment through your operations and list any partnerships with like-minded organisations that you have to promote leadership and innovation in achieving any environmental outcomes.