Lesson 2: What Are Your Win Themes?

Your win themes are a series of marketing statements that should run through your tender response.  Having good win themes is essential but presenting them is also extremely important. A quality presentation shows professionalism and shows that you are willing to make every effort to succeed. 

Don’t worry that they are being repeated, the whole idea is that the message needs to sink in when the evaluator(s) are reading the submission. Repetition is good! 

Tender Tip

When defining your win theme(s), it’s important to consider the following: 

  • How can you best demonstrate that you meet and exceed all the tender requirements? 
  • How is your offering different, and how does it offer more value than those of your competitors? 
  • What is important to the client and how can you meet (and exceed) those requirements? 
  • How will you add value in servicing the contract? 
  • Why is your price competitive (or, where price can’t be the most competitive, why is it worth spending a little more)? 

Tender Tip

Representing your Win Themes 

How are you going to present your win themes in the tender document?  An effective way is to use a heading, such as: 

  • “Why Us?”; or  
  • “Why Would (insert company) Choose Us?” 

Then, list all the reasons why the client should select your company. The list should be concise, easy to read, and to the point. 

At the bid or no bid process, it is important to decide on the three (or so) win themes of your company and how these will meet the client’s requirements, but more importantly – how they will benefit the client.  

How to Develop Your Win Themes 

To develop your win themes, you need to focus on your business. Consider: 

  • What do I do that no one else does? 
  • What is unique about my business? 
  • What is my unique story? (e.g. product selection, service standards, staff training) 
  • How can this be made different from my competitors? 

Answering these questions will help you to establish your competitive advantage – the edge you have over your competition. A floral delivery service may have as its competitive advantage: Fastest local delivery at affordable prices

Tender Tip

One way of using your win theme is to convey your competitive advantage to your customers is to develop a sales slogan. For example: 

  • We deliver on service, on price and on time. 
  • Fresh flowers delivered fast. 
  • Time left over to smell the roses. 

Other sample Win Themes can include: 

  • Experienced, Qualified Staff, there when needed 
  • Assistance 24/7/365 
  • Best prices in the industry – guaranteed 
  • Service and price, with bonuses for volume 
  • Guaranteed delivery on full in time (DIFOT) at 99% (monthly) or rebates payable 
  • Free domestic postage with every order over $50 
  • Free servicing for the first 12 months 
  • Children eat for free. 
  • Bringing the Industry Together 
  • Your business is our business 

Bonus Download

Download my Win Theme document, to assist you in identifying the themes for your business.  (Download available from the Module 2 downloads lesson).