Lesson 3: Understanding the Client

Understanding the Client is What Matters 

To be successful in any tender response, it is essential that you understand the client’s requirements and what they are really looking for.  

Creating a winning response requires research and understanding of your client and the marketplace in which you operate.  

Tender Tip

Remember: This tender is not about you and your business, it is what offering, innovation, value, benefit and cost effectiveness you can provide the client.  The tender is about the CLIENT and you are marketing the value of your products or services to them. 


Download the Client Worksheet.  Use this worksheet to identify the client’s requirements  
(Download available from the Module 2 downloads lesson)

Some key items to consider in understanding what matters to the client. This is a guide and is by no means an exhaustive list. 

  • Financial 
  • Social 
  • Quality 
  • Technology/Infrastructure 
  • Risk minimisation 
  • Industry trends  
  • Competitive advantage 

Attend any briefing sessions on the tender process if you can. If you have questions, contact the tender coordinator. This can also help you establish a rapport with key contacts and also see which of your competitors are also planning to respond. 


Update the Tender Strategy document, with the client information you have researched and gained from the tender documents. 

Remember this tender is about the client, and what you can deliver (products or services) to them.