Lesson 4: Delivering Value

My experience with clients, from large iconic organisations through to not-for-profits and SMEs, is that when it comes to tenders, the winners are separated from the losers by strong, evidence-based submissions. 

Resonant stories, containing real, tangible, evidence-based specifics are what will set you apart. 

If your business depends on winning new work or retaining clients through competitive selection processes, don’t leave it until tenders are upon you to get your story straight. 

Get your evidence neatly categorised and ready to go with our checklists. Then you can concentrate on crafting the best story for your organisation. 

Essential evidence for your tenders 

Your tenders and proposals evidence repository should include: 

  • All your past proposals/tenders (distinguish the winning ones) 
  • Your marketing, promotional, and educational materials, including items such as the firm’s seminar papers and firm profiles 
  • A current, full CV for each professional, as well as a summary profile 
  • A list of current and recent/significant clients in each field of practice or area of work 
  • Summaries/case studies of significant work completed on contracts, projects, matters 
  • Client references and testimonials 
  • Awards 
  • Letters of commendation or thanks. 

Start gathering your evidence now, and you’ll not only be able to write a strong, evidence-based submission when the time comes, but you’ll be able to do it fast.