Lesson 5: Tender Evaluation

What the Client is Seeking 

The most compelling submissions are 100% client-centric and can teach ‘mainstream’ marketers a lesson or two about customer-focused marketing at its best. 

Apart from actually answering the questions (the failure to do this, is tender evaluators’ number one pet peeve) the single most important thing you can do to increase your bid’s chance of success is to ensure it is customer-focused. The best tender submissions are exemplars of how to successfully understand and respond to client needs – something which all marketers can learn from. Tendering really is customer-focused marketing on steroids. 

Tender Evaluation 

The evaluation team will have many responses to read. If a tender submission is too wordy, not compliant, or hasn’t addressed the relevant evaluation criteria, it will be rejected immediately.  

Evaluation criteria will be clearly set out in the RFT and should form the foundation of your tender submission. All responses should be written with the criteria in mind. Your organisation must prove you can carry out the contract by addressing the requirements of the criteria. The client is also checking that you have a clear understanding of their issues and needs.  

Tenders are often evaluated on the following elements.  

  • Technical capability 
  • Commercial capability 
  • Cost.